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Mobile wallet for money transfer: a project fully executed by us, from the mobile app to the app's presentation site.

Landing page for the prospecting agency Breath Agency

Landing page for the launch of the francophone freelancehub community

Branding and landing page for the Miroso Club online business community and training

Landing page and complete training environment for social hacking support Lodiazi

Website for the e-book sales platform Serial Wolf

Website and admin back-office for the investment platform SN Corp Capital

Conversion-Optimized Interfaces

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Your landing page is the first impression you make on your visitors. An interface optimized for conversion can turn a simple click into a loyal customer.

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A well-designed sales funnel can turn curious visitors into engaged customers.

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Presentation videos are extremely effective for communicating your added value.

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We handle all technical aspects of SEO, including meta tags, robots.txt files, and XML sitemaps, to ensure your site is properly indexed by search engines.

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CEO Miroso Formation

"I entrusted my LP to Identity Tech, great quality of work, very meticulous."


CEO GasySend

"Work still ongoing, but so far satisfied with the work provided for our application and its environment."


Breath Agency

"Win-win partnership with Identity Tech agency, top-quality work."


Founder of Lodiazi

"So satisfied with the support they provided me on the digital side, as a solopreneur I struggled with web tools, sales funnel, and website."

Lead Hack Formation

"They revamped the entire technical part of my training, from LP to onboarding learners. Positive results after just 1 month. Many thanks to Andri."


CEO Autorecup

"Very attentive, always manage to deliver on time. They are very strong, and they quickly understood my needs and what I wanted to establish."


Beara MG

"Satisfied with the professionalism and attention they put into their work, a top agency. Best wishes to the team."


Freelance Hub

"In collaboration today to make the Francophone Freelance Hub community thrive, Andri and his team are doing an amazing job. Their strategies and approaches are effective."

Serial Wolf

"Very satisfied with their approaches to help me sell my course, they have a lot of experience in sales."

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